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God asks asks Adam how he`s doing, - `Well, it`s ok but I am abit lonely`. - `Ok` God answers. - `Let`s do something about it. I can give you the most wonderful and satisfactory being and friend you`ll ever need you`ll never be lonely again, and you`ll have everything you ever need`. - `But it meens I need your arm and leg to create that beeing`. Adam ponders and isn`t willing to sacrifice his arm and leg. -`Ok` God says again. -`With only your leg, I can make a nice and welcoming partner for you, giving you no grief only happiness` Adam ponders again - he is rather lonly but really wants his leg. `What can I get for one of my rib bones ?` Adam finally replies.

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What does a stripper do with her asshole before she goes to work? She drops him off at band practice.

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`Why don`t Mr. and Mrs. Smokey the Bear have any children?``I give up, why?``Because every time Mrs. Bear gets hot Mr. Bear throws dirt on her and beats her with a shovel.`

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After the Americans went to the Moon, Leonid Brezhnev announced that the Soviets would be sending a man to the Sun.The engineers objected. `If you send a man to the Sun, he will burn up!``What do you think I am, stupid?` he replied. `We`ll send him at night!`