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Bloke walks up and asks `Do you prefer long legs or short?`, so I reply `I prefer something in between`

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Kawał z dnia 2020-08-10

My girlfriend said `I`ve got an itch between my toes`. So I asked `Which toes?`. She answers `My big toes`.

Kawał z dnia 2020-08-09

A Jew, a Catholic and a Mormon are sitting around talking about their families.The Jewish guy says, `I have four sons. One more boy and I can have a basketball team.`The Catholic says, `Well, I have eight sons one more, and I`ll have me a baseball team.`Not to be outdone, the Morman says, `I`ve got 17 wives. One more hole and I`ll have myself a golf course.`

Kawał z dnia 2020-08-08

A woman tells her friend that Interflora just delivered a bunch of flowers from her husband.`Now I guess he`ll want me to spend the entire weekend on my back with my legs in the air``Why?` asks her friend `Don`t you have a vase?`